Web Performance Optimization Services

Slow page load times and poor availability have an immediate and negative impact on customer experience, leading to decreased engagement, conversion, order values and a drop in repeat business. They also have a direct impact on brand reputation.

Customers for the most part are expecting sub-2 second page load times, both on desktop and mobile and especially for key pages. The benchmark is set high, and while internet speeds are getting faster, web pages are bigger and more complicated than ever before.

So, how do you deliver a rich experience that is also quick and engaging? This is where we can help.

Optimal provide a range of services to help our customers achieve better performance. We begin by establishing accurate measurement of your page load performance and determining which metrics are of greatest relevance to your business. Once this is in place we then run audits on your site in order to understand the causes of any web performance issues and help you determine how to fix them. Our services include:

  • Monitoring and alerting – we work with you to define an appropriate measurement methodology and identify key thresholds to set for triggering alerts. We can also consult with you to put in place a process to manage performance should these alerts be triggered.
  • Web performance deep dives – we can conduct a thorough assessment of your whole site or key areas of your site using a variety of tools. At the end of the engagement you will get a detailed report of the major performance issues and a specific set of optimization opportunities that can be directly actioned to tune your page load performance.
  • 3rd party performance management – we can help you monitor the performance of your 3rd parties to ensure that they meet targets and SLAs. By providing you with continuous monitoring you can make calls to switch them off or escalate with them to ensure that your customers are not adversely impacted by a rogue 3rd party.
  • Defining a performance strategy – we run a series of consulting assessments and workshops, where we work with you to understand your current performance strategy, and help you to evolve a better strategy tailored specifically to the needs of your clients and your organization.
  • Performance workshops for marketing and business stakeholders – we run onsite or remote workshops with a variety of stakeholders. For business and marketing professionals we help them understand the impact of performance in areas such as conversion, revenue and user experience. We also help them understand the need for fine tuning the content creation process for performance.
  • Performance workshops for technical and operational stakeholders – These workshops typically consist of knowledge transfer to help, transferring knowledge on tools setup and use, dashboard creation, as well as optimizations that they can apply to their code and helping them better manage performance.
  • Benchmarking and competitor analysis – we can benchmark your competitors to help you understand and provide context to the performance landscape you are working in. In addition, we can provide analysis of your competitors to determine why they are achieving better performance and how you may be able to apply these to improve your website.

Our optimization work focuses on the following core areas:

Content Delivery Networks
Caching, offload, server config, security, dynamic resizing, redundancy

1st and 3rd party. Critical render path analysis and deep dive troubleshooting

CSS and web fonts
CSS tuning, rationalization of web fonts

Image compression, formats, size and metadata

Responsive design and single page apps
Specific optimization techniques for different types of pages

AMP pages
Support for building AMP pages

3rd parties
Review and management of 3rd parties. Tag placement issues.

Web server config
Compression, caching, protocols, memory, etc

Backend latency and caching
Slow call analysis to determine possible cache fixes to backend or API calls.

Are you interested in working with us? If so, please get in touch to let us know how we can help you.