China specific performance services

China operates very differently compared with other global markets. Adding a CDN (content delivery network) alone is not enough. Indeed, we see many companies out there that have a presence in China that are also performing very poorly there compared with their performance in the European and North American markets. This puts them at a competitive disadvantage to brands that have taken the time to set things up properly, since poor performance has a negative impact on many things:

  • Site engagement
  • Order completion
  • Conversion
  • Brand recognition
  • Search engine ranking.

The challenge with Chinese site optimization is that if web teams do not have the specialist skills to setup a fast website in China, then this gets overlooked or just accepted as fact that China performance is going to be slow.

We’re here to tell you that it NEED NOT BE THIS WAY.

The first time web teams often hear of this is from customers pointing out that their site is slow. However, since there may not be an effective performance measurement or optimization strategy in place, they don’t truly know what the issues are.

This is where we often help our clients.

Optimal provides a comprehensive range of performance and optimization services to measure and accelerate your website performance in China:

  • Initial assessments – we’ll take a look and give your Chinese website a health check, including the measurement and assessment of key pages.
  • Partnering with you to create effective measurement and reporting strategy for website performance from within China.
  • Ongoing measurement and reporting services, including:
    • creation of custom dashboards and alerts to assist SRE and Operations teams with their day to day work.
    • operational level reports to provide current, actionable data
    • executive level reports for leadership meetings
    • benchmark reporting (so you can see how your site performance compares with your competitors).
    • third party measurement and monitoring.
  • Pre-production performance testing, to ensure you’re not introducing something onto your website that may degrade performance for Chinese customers.
  • Deep dive performance analysis and bottleneck identification (frontend, backend, content and infrastructure). We identify your key issues and work with your teams to help understand and fix them.
  • Consulting support – help troubleshoot web delivery (reliability) and performance related issues. For this, we partner with your development and infrastructure teams, perform root cause analysis and highlight the specific actions they need to take in order to fix performance and reliability related issues.
  • Vendor selection – we can help you choose the right vendors to partner with that operate well within the China.
  • China specific Content Delivery Network (CDN) and caching strategies
  • China specific web hosting strategies
  • Legal and compliance (through our network of relationships) including ICP licensing, domain procurement and Global DNS.

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